March 2005


Germany – be bold!


This is the way you address a disheartened person in difficult circumstances, a person facing difficulties and unable to cope with them. This is the way you address somebody with great potential but who is unable to implement it. „Be bold!“ we say and mean: „You will make it.“

It is just the same with the country of Germany. We are in a difficult situation and the reasons for this are often given (a) Great changes which are about to come (b). But we also have the potential to cope with the tasks if we stop to continuously disregard our potential of gifting and instead of this have the heart to use them.

„Be bold!“ says our President. „Be bold!“ many external observers say. „Even God says: „Be bold!“ to our country and wants us to stand up and walk the way with the gifts he has given us with boldness for the future. Instead of mourning and pitying ourselves he wants us to pick ourselves up and start solving the problem. We are better than we think we are. This article is intended to talk about „the other Germany”, about a country which has the heart to deploy its gifting and which is rising in the pleasure and blessing of God.



And immediately the German reaction is stirred: Are we as Germans allowed to be brilliant? Won't we be arrogant when we stand up again? Haven't we learned anything out of history: Never again „Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt“ – a verse of Germany's anthem meaning ‚Germany, Germany over all, over everything in the world'?

To run ourselves down, disqualify good attempts and humiliate ourselves is something in the German race which is similar to masochism to the death. There is an inclination towards self-destruction in us.

Without renouncing this mentality, this "spirit of destruction", we cannot break through to joy in Germany and have courage to shape our future.

The German identity was given to us from God just as each other nation received its own identity. God wants us to take hold of this identity together with its history and gifts. And even its geography in the heart of Europe.

If we say ‚yes' to our German identity we say ‘yes' to our history. That implies Hitler and the 3rd Reich. It also implies Goethe and Luther and Bach. When God says: „Be bold!“ then he wants us to learn to marry with the courage of the fathers and mothers of our nation who shaped the German and European history before Hitler. It is essential to accept their heritage and multiply it.

To accept and perpetuate their heritage means to recognise, to name and to release the gifts of God and the huge potential in our nation. Of course the Nazis also knew these gifts. They named them and used them. Will the gifts become bad because they where once misused or used as a curse? Not with God! „For God's gifts and His call are irrevocable.” Romans 11,29

Let us again take hold of God's gifts and callings for Germany and be thankful for them. Through the reunification God has set a sign of his forgiveness for the sin of our nation. And this is why we should lead a contented life from now on. God wants to bless Germany and turn it into blessing.
Germans – be bold!

Whoever hates his father has no home country on earth - this applies to individuals as well as to the whole nation. Whoever honours the heritage of his fathers has peace. (4th Commandment!)



The Stuttgart newspaper published an interesting series of articles at the end of last year quoting 8 characteristic traits of the Germans as the “German Virtues” .

  1. „My bowels burn“ – wishful longing.
  2. Progress on behalf of the word ethos – the inventive talent.
  3. The stream flows in underground caverns – profoundness.
  4. Barbarianism and necessity – cosiness.
  5. One is always too late – punctuality.
  6. Is he having a daily shower!?! – cleanliness.
  7. Base and disgraceful passions – economy.
  8. Good bye to the Hasenschule school (a bunny school in a German book for children) – thoroughness.


Aren't these good gifts? This is how we Germans are; this is how the world knows us. This is the way they appreciate and smile about us. Each one of these qualities can be lived out positively or negatively. The decision rests with us.


Germany – be bold!

•  Your „yearning“ makes you world champion travellers. Look out that you don't flee from yourself.

•  Your inventive talent remains untarnished and your meticulously workers are the most diligent people in the world. 22700 applications for patents were received at the European Patent Office in 2003. Thus Germany is in second place ahead of every other country in the world.

•  Your profoundness is proverbial, this is why you are called „the nation of poets and thinkers”, of writers and philosophers; even the reformation originates from this hidden streams of the heart. – But just be aware not to go around in circles with unending sceptical questions with your “profoundness in underground caverns” and discuss all good things to death. Enjoy your profoundness but don't let it rule over you. And – here you are! – don't forget to smile from time to time. Not every trait is “a major issue” ?

•  Find pleasure in cosiness. No other people can celebrate Christmas as you do. „Gemüt“– a German word for ‘mind' which cannot be translated properly and “Silent night" is known throughout the world as being a German song. - Watch out for this warmth and cosiness that it will not become a depraved bourgeois complacency. There is a need for safety and the ability to overcome the fear of risks and essential reforms.

•  Enjoy your love and ability to be punctual. A great portion of your success in the world is due to your reliability. Your reliability and incorruptibility in your administration in government and in the economy are unique in the whole world. Be absolutely reliable. God looks for great faithfulness and not for great plans among those who are gifted by him. – But be aware that other nations are different and don't expect too much of them in your pride because in other things they are ahead of you.

•  When foreigners come to us they are amazed about how clean Germany is. Swept clean, ordered and arranged, everything is “in the right order”. We need that. Other ways chaos may break out. Everything is well organised. Even our leasure. Oh, Germany smile! - Due to their neat organisation the Germans are invited all over the world wherever chaos is to be overcome and life to be organized.

•  Economising is a sign for self-control; it is a renouncement of over consumption, a denial of short term pleasures. However, economising needs a target otherwise it turns to stinginess. Stinginess, however, means to be possessed by Mammon, by the spirit of grubby money. Germany, the benchmark of your economy is your helpfulness and generosity towards the poor. Your aid for the Tsunami victims has freed you a little from the spirit of stinginess. Learn to be economical, to give and spend at the right time.

•  Germany, the quality of your products, which are thoroughly tested, has made you become a world champion in exports throughout the world. Let this gift grow greatly, it may be your main capital. – But it can also be misused to cause damage: think of Auschwitz.





The "Stern" magazine tried to compile in no. 27, 2004 in the article entitled:

„Wir sind besser, als wir glauben“, (W e Are Better Than We Think We Are ) some facts regarding the economy, things you normally don't hear. On page 29 it says: This spring-time the accountancy firm Ernst & Young based in Stuttgart has questioned over 500 international companies to find out where the best business locations are. The startling result is that: Germany is in third place – even behind of booming China and the superpower USA!

What is the reason for this? This was revealed in another survey made by the same company. Labour expenses, ancillary wage costs, the flexibility of labour legislation and the availability of land - this is where Germany undoubtedly lags behind – these contribute to companies looking for better locations. Likewise if not even more important when deciding on a new business location are also other criteria. This is where our country is ranked first. The question was which of the European countries would accomplish all criteria (%):

•  Transport and logistics: 1st Place, 50 %

•  Research and Development: 1st Place, 43%

•  Infrastructure, Telecommunication: 1st Place, 42%

•  Employee training: 1st Place, 40%

•  Domestic market activity: 1st Place, 39%

•  Potential increase of the productivity: 1st Place, 17%

•  Availability of subsidies: 1st Place, 16%

•  Political stability and legal security: (behind England) 2nd Place, 24%

•  Quality of life: (Behind France): 2nd Place, 23%

•  Access to financial investors: (Behind England): 2nd Place, 15%


At the annual Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum Germany was ranked 13 at international level out of 102 participating nations. This was quite a good result.

Strikingly the assessment from outside is far more positive than our self-assessment. What I can see is: The French people tend to overestimate France, the English people love the „understatement“ and they smile meaningfully when making it, but we really believe we are as bad as we say we are.

A quotation from the top-manager, Thomas Limberger, from the global company General Electric at the establishment of a European research centre (page 31): „We have found the people we need in Germany. Germany is still ranked first regarding innovations and technologies, for instance in terms of regenerative energy, nano technology, new materials and medical diagnosis imaging.”
According to what was said it is clear to me that due to its labour cost, ancillary wage costs and its labour law as far as the mass production is concerned Germany seems to merge all site disadvantages which in the end lead to an increase in the price of products. Thus production is shifted to low income countries. All German qualities merge together but if it comes to product development - from the invention and development up to the manufacture of a prototype by highly qualified manpower – Germany shows its strength.

However, this may mean that in the future: Education, training, further education, specialisation and know-how in all areas possible will be necessary. The availability of large highly specialised middle-sized businesses which are specialized in a particular product and thus in a leading position all around the world, are an advantage for Germany. (Artificial legs, ornamental fish food, soap-bubbles etc. (page 32)).



The result of the estimate of the analysts at Prognos AG are mentioning 10 sectors which are expected to grow above-average in the next 15 years and where new jobs are expected to be added (sales increase % / Jobs %) is published in the Stern-magazine article page 34.

•  Health care and welfare 53 % / 14 %
“Seniorenmarkt“ ( a combination of the word ‚senior' and ‚market' – meaning the market of fostering and catering for elderly people).

•  Logistics and tourism 70% / 18%
the world grows closer

•  IT Software and Data processing 69% / 18%
Safe networks

•  Insurance 49% / 5%

•  Power plant technologies 47% / -10%
New technologies

•  Communication and information transmission 80% / 8%
Safe land line and mobile networks

•  Aerospace 60% / 8%
Airplanes as means of mass transportation

•  Services for companies 59% / 21%
Outsourced services among other things.


If Germany returns to its old virtues such as diligence, eagerness and reliability it may get back its spearhead position in the world. It has already begun to make the first steps by having regulated working hours, i.e. we might work more than 35 hours and have fewer days off sick.

The future has already started. Let's get started!

I'm of the opinion that the acting president Horst Köhler is a role model and an encouragement for us. He sees Germany from the outside in. And his hope for Germany is rooted in a deep faith in God.





„You will know that I am the Lord, when I deal with you for my names sake and not according to your evil ways and your corrupt practices" Ezekiel 20, 44.


God knows the sins of this country. But he listens to the prayers of the priests who are “standing in the gap” for this country. And he sees Germany through Jesus who shed his blood for us too, the Lamb of God who bore the sins of the world.

It couldn't be any different if we acknowledge what God has done in this country. If we look back at the last 10 years – what has changed? Here are some examples (not in chronological order!):


•  The number of new churches in Germany grows steadily. Alongside main churches and established non-denominational churches there is a sector of new churches which are rapidly growing. This development is noticeable when looking at the annual swelling number of visitors at the national pastors conferences in Stuttgart or Berlin counting up to 800 participants.
The older churches (10 – 20 years old) erected beautiful new church buildings with large meeting rooms all over Germany.

•  The approach between these new churches and the ACK-churches (the consortium of christian churches) is obvious during local meetings.

•  Revivals in America and Canada have touched our country and they have left their mark (Toronto, Pensacola, and Promise Keepers). Throughout the country Willow Creek, Pro Christ and Jesus House (for the young generation) have been established as constant institutions in Germany.

•  The visits of John Mulinde from Uganda and David Demian from Canada have had a lasting effect. New movements are emerging.

•  Since February 2000 the „Wächterruf“ has been gathering more than 200 prayer groups who are committed to pray regularly each month for Germany on a certain day, at a freely chosen time. The effects are noticeable in politics and in society.

•  Alongside the intercession movement numerous church worship bands emerged, i.e. worship and adoration is now established in many churches. There is a stream of new songs fed from many sources. Teaching on worship is now available. A deep profoundness is noticeable as far as the quality of the worship songs is concerned.

•  Under the headline of “40 Tage beten und fasten für unser land”, (40 days of prayer and fasting for our country) an unprecedented coalition among more then 50 churches and communities emerged during the fasting time before Easter in 2004. Retake in 2005. A prayer army of thousands of people came out of this.

•  A new movement of the young generation came forth. „The Call" which emphasises living discipleship with a deep and serious commitment.

•  Together with this the newly established „Fathers-and-Mothers-Movement" came forth. Men and women were encouraged to spiritually and naturally take responsibility for the young generation and to support them in their stand of faith.

•  At the moment we are experiencing an unprecedented amazing break out in healings in Germany. Individuals but also teams (Healing Rooms) are used by God in spontaneous healings or in healings after perseverant and continuous prayer.

•  The Lutheran Church and the Roman-Catholic Church have come to the “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification”. A 500 year old gap between the two has been overcome. - 2003 the 1st ecumenical church congress took place in Berlin. - 2004 ten thousand Lutheran, Catholic and non-denominational churches were unified by the “Europatag” and passed the ‚common declaration for Europe'.

•  At Pentecost the Pentecostal churches held a large European conference in Berlin.

•  In 2003 ACK the consortium of christian churches, the EKD (the Lutheran Church in Germany) and the German bishop conference as well as many other christian organisations and associations called for a “Year of the Bible” which was reflected even in the media and of course in many other churches.

•  It is obvious that the media is open for christian programs and also in broadcasting them. Correspondingly there is an increasing openness towards Christianity and religious programs among the people. Many new christian broadcasting services have been established now which are broadcasting non stop.

•  Through Johannes Rau God gave us an authentic christian as head of our country and Horst Köhler is a christian who declares himself to be a Christian, a politician who opens new spiritual doors, something which can be seen in the country.

•  Last year a book was published were 56 politicians from all parties quoted their favoured verse from the Bible with a short comment. Several avouched their believe in God. The result is: Our politicians believe in God more than we assume when reading the newspaper.

•  50 years after the end of the 2dn world war Christians all over Germany started a so called “reconciliation walk” through all European countries to ask for forgiveness. And God gave tears of repentance and thankfulness which brought healing.


God is about to gather his people in unity. He is opening new doors in society, the media, politics and economics as never before. The mission to evangelise and heal is getting reunified.

Prayer is being rediscovered as the engine of all spiritual movements.

God is great! Germany – take courage!




•  He wants to see a land which is thankful for all his goodness from the very beginning on till the end.

•  He wants the Germans to turn away from their faint-heartedness, negativity and spirit of criticism. He wants them to learn to trust in God and to be bold. He wants us to get rid of the paralysing fear of the future and to know that: Our God cares and has a way for us. He wants us to stop running everything down. He wants us to agree with him and to live better lives.

•  He wants us to turn to him and submit ourselves and our country to him everyday. He wants us to turn to him and to free our country from courses. He wants to show his glory and love to our nation on a large scale. His spirit has already opened many hearts and they are waiting for somebody to come and preach the gospel to them. Let the knowledge of God flow like the streams of water through our country and the peace of God shall cover it like the sea covers the earth.
He doesn't want empty morality; he wants new values to be discovered through knowledge of the living God.

•  God wants to heal the identity of Germany, its inhabitants to be cheerful again and to be what they were created: To be Germans.


Keep the vision in mind when praying. „Die Rechte des Herrn ist erhöht” ( The Lord's right hand is lifted high ).

Bear in mind the promise in Isaiah 60, 1 – 2 which was confirmed three times.

Let us learn to pry according to the promise, to be cheerful Germans.

We have every reason to do so.

Ortwin Schweitzer

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