The Political Page

January 2003



Pray, howl, write letters


With this „political page“, dear reader, I challenge you.

Our political praying is entering its fourth year. During this time, many have developed more aware eyesight for  social and political events and have particularly experienced that prayer moves bulwarks. Political praying awakens us to how things run in the world and the provisions from Heaven. Thus, the past three years have been blessed training in relevant and effective prayer.  The answered prayers range from avoidance of a hoof and mouth disease epidemic to the growth of the question of German identity.


Sometimes we need to dwell on one issue longer and not open a new set of problems each month.  So, it is imperative to continue to pray further

- for the drawing up of the European Constitution and its Christian-Western profile

- for protection and effective anti-terrorist secret service; more can be discovered without public  

  announcement than one thinks: terrors warnings are in no way invented   out of thin air.

- for a more restrictive Islam policy

- in education (Islamic religious classes)

- in zoning (allowing construction of more moshees)

- in EU policies (admittance of Turkey)


These are three great matters in which a break-through is only possible through endurance.  Let us not give up!


I would like to call our attention to something else now at the threshold of our fourth year, even going a step further.


I would like that as people who pray we would learn to pay attention in prayer to the impulses of God’s Spirit which should acted upon.  When we say: God directs history and skills - then we must also expect God to express Himself.  He does this in the hearts of those who pray, because it is the shortest route. However, some are not prepared for this and lay aside the „thought“ that they should do something and day to themselves: „How can it be that little me can receive direction (from God) to do ......?“  What can God do?  He has to choose someone else for the message.  What a shame!


Naturally, not every impression during prayer is a message for the Chancellor.  The person must test it and seek counsel with others; but there are certainly messages given to God’s people which contain God’s wisdom and solutions for particular political problems, either directly or as a picture, that those responsible need.  They are so often at a loss.


The people that carry so much responsibility are also often very lonely and beaten down like dogs from criticism although they are giving their best.  Messages that come through prayer could, in this case, serve to console, to confirm or to encourage.  In other cases, there comes an urgent impulse from prayer, combined with courage and without fear of man, to formulate a flaming protest, perhaps together with petitioning signatures. The right tone is important and that is not easy; but with the help of friends, it is usually possible to put a written draft into the right form.  Whoever wants to may also mail their draft to me.  Time allowing, as a former German teacher, I would like to be helpful.




Just - something!


The following is important:


Thoughts must be clear - the sentences not too long. The language must not be internal church jargon, rather accessible to outsiders.  Generally, even by shock, objectivity is better than emotionalism - but not always.  Never assume bad intentions - always the best.  Use a personal but not overly familiar tone, for example in writing to encourage. Christianity may be visible - as a standpoint or a testimony but never as preaching.  All information must be correct and verifiable.  The article should be no longer than 1 ½ pages.


The second part of this article shows three examples of successful attempts that have recently reached their corresponding addressee. The first letter is for encouragement, the second for admonishment, the third to protest.

- Letter to Minister Ulla Schmidt

- Letter to the German publicity board

- Letter to the Chairwoman of the CDU - Mrs. Angela Merkel


How we can pray


The themes named in the introduction

- Europe

- Anti-terror

- Islam policies

can easily be subdivided into sub-themes, perhaps wit local significance.  It is always essential that we never attack or judge people, but rather redirect spiritual currents. When we battle, then it is against those that are behind the trends and tendencies. „And now dear brethren, put on the whole armor of God“, Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:10.


Then there is the continual need for prayer for the strange current confusion in the government and parliament.  According to the prophetic word given in the Political Page in December, God is planning a rapprochement between the Federal Government and the states.  Signs indicate this without doubt (talk between Clement-Merz; Mini-job arrangement). Some commentators even think that only a Great Coalition could solve the country’s huge problems.  We do not know.  Let us together proclaim the name of Jesus over all the confusion and pray down God’s clarity and then see in which direction the Lord of all lets things develop.


As people, Chancellor and Minister Schmidt and Minister Clement need a lot of prayer. May they learn, in their plight to look for strength by God.  God speaks to them.



To the Federal Minister for

Health and Social Security

Ms. Minister Schmidt

Am Probsthof 78a

53121 Bonn                                                                                                       27.11.2002


Dear Ms. Minister Schmidt,


We congratulate you on your reinstatement as Minister for Health and to the addition of your function in the area of Social Security.  


The developments in the health system is a challenge for all of us.  As „Christians in the Health System“, we believe that we are looking for ways to ask God to intervene, for good counselors, and for ideas - in short - for His help.  For these reasons, we were happy that in the swearing in ceremony as Minister, you added the phrase: „ So help me God“.


Throughout the pat year, we have built up a prayer chain for the health system that consists of about 60 people.  Within the framework of this prayer chain, people pray everyday for around two hours for you, your ministry department, for decisions you must make and for the Health System in general.  We wanted to let you know this and in this way promise you our support.


We wish you wisdom and knowledge for good decisions, health and strength to do your duties and in everything god’s blessings.


Sincerely yours,



.................................................................                                           .................................................

Ute Wiese Dr. Georg Schiffner

Responsible for the prayer chain                                                1. Chairman of the Association

          Christians in the Health System



Christians in the Health System is a country-wide nondenominational initiative of various professional groups within the health system.  For further information see on the web







Tobia Anke

Haeckelstr. 1d

09117 Chemnitz


German Publicity Agency                                                                        Chemnitz, 11.10.02

Dear Sir/Madame,


I am writing to you for the first time because I am shocked and perplexed by the way and manner that the publicity world in Germany, in particular in my city Chemnitz, is becoming more and more influenced by the sexual licentiousness, shamelessness and the playing down of violence.


I  mean especially the new hugely printed advertisements on placard bills and pillars that have been decorating them since about a week with the campaign of the Bild newspaper: „Pillowtalk“,

on which (of course only nearly) naked women pictured in absolutely permissive poses, accompanied by a matchingly permissive commentary as well as a tasteless slogan, „Make up your own mind“.  


In society and in our politics, I do not think we need to talk about improving protection for marriages and families, even less about avoiding further moral decline and higher levels of violence among our youth, when such an advertising campaign may be presented with legal mass media effectiveness.  Thereby, our children, young adults and even ourselves are given a mixture of abnormal sexuality paired with no taboos and the destruction of the term fidelity (which should be the basis of every marriage) which is presented as "normal", and a delusion that can not seriously serve to function as a model  for  our upcoming generation.  The BILD newspaper probably  does not care if an already stressed mother has to try to explain the meaning of such placards when they happen to walk by one.


I and many others found the placard campaign by the film distributor company United Int. Pictures (UIP) for the film Ali G. worse still.  The poster, which cannot be beat on lack of taste,  probably contributes unfortunately to an increase of openness to sexual violence against girls and to greater moral decline especially under teenagers, since they are the main target group for the posters and films.  -  It is embarrassing to live in a city in which such bad values are shown on huge placards.


The bottom line is to ask you, as the leading supervisor concerning the ethical, moral and legal scrutiny of  the advertising media, to require the BILD newspaper to immediately remove  these ads in order to avoid further damage.


I do not know any of you, nor do I know if you acknowledge your responsibility before God.  However, I am asking you in your responsibility to the people in our society, to forbid further advertising campaigns that are neither limited time-wise (as on tv) or spatially (as in sex shops).


I know that because of the enormous pressure from the advertising departments of some large companies it is very difficult for you, but even so, I am asking for a definite "no" to these shameless advertisers that believe they alone can define the spirit of the times (Zeitgeist). In this, I wish you the necessary courage, the strength to carry it through and the wisdom concerning our future generations.  I am counting on you.


Sincerely yours,


Tobias Anke, Meister SHK (29)


P.P.: All the undersigned agree with my statements and deeply support this letter.  Some are mothers and fathers, businessmen and employees, students and unemployed .........





                                                                                                            Augsburg, 16.10.2002


Dear Ms. Merkel and Mr. Stoiber!


It is with growing concern that we, the undersigned Christians, have observed that the level of Christian values in our German society is constantly being dismissed or even completely removed.  This happens mostly in the areas of marriage, family, children and young people.  One is reminded here of the almost absolute legalization of abortion, of the introduction of the life partnership laws and the general equality of the “homo-marriage” with marriage, of the increasing limitations on parents’ rights in their children's upbringing, and not last of all on the not final no concerning PID and experiments with human cells.


We are astonished to learn through the Press and media that the sister-parties, CDU and CSU, once the guarantee for maintaining Christian values, want to liberalize for election tactical reasons. We have the impression that the standard of Christian values is going to be lowered by the CDU/CSU so as not to appear to be “old-fashioned-conservative”.  All of these ideas seem to have only one goal: to get more election votes.  This is not forbidden, but please, not at the cost of Christian ideals.


It is clear to us that a party as huge as the CDU/CSU has many factions and that it is not an easy job to keep these together. However, it is the responsibility of the party leaders to present visions on which the delegates of the factions, the party-members and the voters can orient themselves. “Visions”, in this case would mean for us, to show how the advantages and strengths of the biblical-Christian life model could be so up-dated that it would be politically attractive to tomorrow’s new generation as well as a future generation.  Gradual adjustment to today’s society actually means to lag behind any developments.  This can be heard in the regrettable undertone “conservative” as used in the media.


We wish that you would again become political trendsetters for this country ( and not 10 to 20 years later to ethically say the same as the “others”).  We think this is, however, only possible if your party can present the people a picture of a society to which everyone can say : That is a government I would wish for! - We believe such a State would not be very far in its nature and values from the words of Jesus.


We, the undersigned, would like to ask you, as the current "temporary opposition", to see to it that the good Christian values in our land are preserved and once again fully recognized.  Remember, the "C" in the initials of your party authorize you to do it. To express it in a Christian way, God will stand by you if you openly stand for Him.  For the founding-fathers of your party, the "C" in your party´s name gave testimony of God in the political arena.  Have the courage to follow in their footsteps.  This is never "conservative", but rather "up-to-date because the political goals come from the vision of "God´s Kingdom" in this world.

We, the undersigned, are not regular CDU voters, rather voters from various parties, with one thing in common - that we want to see God´s  good regulations realized 1:1 in German politics.  We believe that there are Christians in every party, but we are turning  to you since the name of your party gives us hope that our concerns will be best understood and politically reflected by you.


We want you to know that we continually pray for you and the whole political situation.  We are thousands who "pray politically" hourly around the clock.  (The so-called "Watchman´s Prayer" is a national non-denominational prayer movement that was founded in February 2000). - It has nothing to do with the "Watchtower" of the Jehova´s Witnesses.)  We take the liberty of  informing the delegate to your party of this letter (without the signatures).


Anton Merk and Martin Bewernik


(edited draft)                                                                                         Ortwin Schweitzer

                                                                                                (translation Evelyn Souan)