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December 2014

Christians in high-ranking political positions

September 2012

If ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established.

July / August 2012

A Timely Word

January / February 2012

Germany's Alliances with Islam - Spiritual insights into historical alliances and their impacts

September 2011

The Absorbed Union of Europe - The Crisis as an Opportunity

July 2011

Europe Throughout the Ages

January / February 2011

Is Protestantism in Germany in danger of splitting? - The new Pastoral Duties' Law and its consequences

September / October 2010

The Ship Rocks - Regarding the situation of the Federal Government in spring 2010

May / June 2010

Europe's Core-Crisis

March / April 2010

Integration without a Mission is Capitulation

July 2009

Consequences of the Gender-Ideology

June 2009

The European Union - Utopia and Reality

May 2009

Europe's Call

March / April 2009

The War on Gaza - Its Periphery and Consequences (part 2)

January / February 2009

The War on Gaza - Its Periphery and Consequences (part 1)

August 2008

Summer Evening Talk

June / July 2008

Part II - The Shaken Europe

May 2008

Learning to Live as Christians in Europe - Part I The New Europe

February / March 2008

Population Decrease in Germany - Figures, Reasons, Consequences

December 2007 / January 2008

Gender Mainstreaming - What's that?

September / October 2007

Stem Cell Research Against Human Dignity

July / August 2007

Europe � where is it going now?

May / June 2007

Marriage and the Family - The differences between public opinion research, sociology and the economy

March / April 2007

Europe Today

January / February 2007

Quo vadis, Germania?

November / December 2006

The Integration of Islam in Germany

September / October 2006

The Campaign in Lebanon and its consequences (State of affairs 22.08.2006)

August 2006

God�s work in history - Biblical Principles

June / July 2006

Focal Point - School

April / May 2006

The fourfold menace of Islam (continuation)

March 2006

The fourfold menace by Islam

February 2006

Israel and the Palestinians

January 2006

The New Federal Government (2. Part)

December 2005

The New Federal Government (1. Part)

November 2005

Godly Courses in German Current Policy

October 2005

Germany after the Federal Election

September 2005

From directional election to destiny election

August 2005

Europe - God spoke! (Part 2)

July 2005

Europe - God spoke! (Part 1)

June 2005

The game is over, - the little games too!

April 2005

Germany in an unstable equilibrium - where will this end?

March 2005

Germany � be bold!

February 2005

The christian faith as a factor in the USA and in Europe.

June 2004


May 2004


April 2004

Focal points for prayer

March 2004

What's wrong with Germany?

February 2004

Focal points for prayer
The descent into a new poverty

January 2004

Europe � smarter or smarting

July 2003

The European Constitution

June 2003

Radical Changes in Germany
Is Europe Falling Apart?
Big Brother Watches

May 2003

Again the focus is the war in Iraq

April 2003

He makes wars cease to the ends of the Earth (Ps 46:10)

March 2003

The internal political situation
The foreign political situation

February 2003

The Iraq Conflict

January 2003

Pray, howl, write letters