Ortwin Schweitzer

Ortwin Schweitzer, retired Headmaster was born in 1937, Evangelical-Lutheran, married, lives near Stuttgart. He studied
Modern Philology and Evang. Theology in Tübingen, Basel and Reading/UK. For 30 years, he served in different ministries in the Evang. Church in Württemberg. He is now one of the prayer leaders on the national level with emphasis on “Politics and Society”. Within the framework of the prayer initiative, “Call of the Watchman” he publishes “The Political Page” monthly, which treats a current political theme, attempting to understand it from a godly point of view, followed by guidance for prayer. Ortwin Schweitzer is the author of several books, including his latest, “Germany – my love” (2003). The main theme in this book are the causes for the shame of the Germans, for their broken national identity and how, through Jesus Christ, forgiveness and a new beginning is possible. This book gives hope for Germany and the assurance that Germany will never again be a curse but rather a blessing for people.

Prayer Dynamics Ministry

Prayer Dynamics Ministry is not an own organisation but just the name of the supporting ministry of Ortwin Schweitzer. As a spiritual father he supports and encourages younger learders in their ministry especially on the field of national prayer. He is leader of the Adoramus Fellowiship and co-leader in the network of the "Call of the Watchman".

The Adoramus-Fellowship has existed since 1990 and is a group of committed Christians living in the Württemberg area (southern Germany) It is their goal, out of the strength of a committed fellowship, to implement renewal in the church and society. The Fellowship supports, among others, Ortwin Schweitzer's ministry of national prayer.

The “Call of the Watchman” is a prayer initiative that arose, not from Adoramus, but in a free-church, an initiative in which Ortwin Schweitzer is a leading co-worker, which is definitely supported by Adoramus. The “Call of the Watchman” unites over 200 localities in Germany in which Christians from various churches are willing to pray for Germany and Europe around the clock for 24 hours on a given day of the month. To help align and give the prayers direction, the leaders compose a monthly prayer-letter based on current events, which is sent to the groups and is also available in English.

  Ortwin Schweitzer